European Care Conference
European Care Conference

  • Dimitris Avramopoulus
    Minister for Health and Social Affairs, Greece

  • Stephan Becker
    Head of Certification for the Nursing Sector at TÜV NORD CERT, Germany

  • Marion Caspers-Merk
    Parliamentary Undersecretary of State at the Federal Ministry of Health, Germany

  • Regina von Dinther
    President of the State Assembly of North Rhine–Westphalia

  • Andreas Esche
    Head of the Campaign for Demographic Change at the Bertelsmann Stiftung, Germany

  • Dr. Jürgen Gohde
    President of the Kuratorium Deutsche Altershilfe (German Foundation for the Care of the Elderly, KDA), Germany

  • Verena Göppert
    Deputy of the German Association of Cities and Towns

  • Prof. Jürgen Gramke
    Minister of State (ret.); Chairman of the Board at the Institute for European Affairs, Germany

  • Martin Henrichs
    Director, Credit Suisse, England

  • Dr. Thomas Hilse
    Director of the Inpatient Care, Nursing and Residence division, DKV – Deutsche Versicherung AG (private health insurer)

  • Gudrun Hock
    Mayor of Düsseldorf, Germany

  • Rainer Hohmann
    Managing Director, INEA Europe, Germany

  • Anton Iliescu
    State Secretary at the Ministry of Health, Romania

  • Dr. Aristides Kalogeropoulus
    State Secretary at the Ministry of Health, Greece

  • Thomas Kupczik
    Chairman of the Executive Board (ret.), Wittgensteiner Kliniken AG, Germany

  • Zofija Mazej Kukovicˇ
    Minister of Health, Slovenia

  • Markos Kyprianou
    EU Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection

  • Dr. Michael Leistikow
    Partner in the law firm Lovells, Germany

  • Martin Lingen
    Managing Director, Association of German Pharmacists, Germany

  • Dr. Jochen Messemer
    Member of the Board of DKV – German Krankenversicherung AG and Victoria Krankenversicherung AG (private health insurers), Germany

  • Bernd Meurer
    President, European Confederation of Nursing Home Providers

  • Prof. Gerhard Naegele
    Institute for Gerontology, Dortmund University, Germany

  • Dr. Roland Paukner
    Director, Vienna Associated Hospitals, Austria

  • Bernd Perner
    Architect, perner architekten & ingenieure, Germany

  • Uwe Preusker
    Health Correspondent, Germany

  • Dr. Jacques Santer
    President of the European Commission (ret.); Prime Minister (ret.); Luxembourg

  • Dr. Franz-Josef Schöne
    Partner in the law firm Lovells, Germany

  • Ueli Schwarzmann
    Director of Retirement Homes, City of Zurich, Switzerland

  • Prof. Faruk Sen
    Director, Centre for Studies on Turkey, Germany

  • Tihomir Simic
    Vice-President, Assembly of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, Serbia

  • Prof. Vappu Taipale, M.D.
    Minister of State (ret.); Director General, Finnish Research and Development Centre for Welfare and Health (STAKES), Finland

  • Bernd Tews
    Managing Director, National Federation of Private Social Services Providers (Bundesverband privater Anbieter sozialer Dienste, bpa), Germany

  • Prof. Dimitris Tsatsos
    Minister of State (ret.); Member of the European Parliament (ret.); President of the Centre for European Constitutional Law, Greece

  • Jérome Vignon
    Director, EU Directorate General for Employment and Social Affairs

  • Tom Whelan
    Partners with the law firm Lovells, England

  • Dr. Bernhard Worms
    President, European Senior Citizens Union, Germany

  • Martin Züchner
    National Manager, Bancaja Habitat, Spain

European Care Conference