Düsseldorf, 27. - 29. February 2008
Welcome to the European Conference!

Today, two out of three people in need of care are attended to at home by their families. But in just a few years, this situation will change dramatically: as our society ages, the demand for professional care increases rapidly. The challenges are enormous. The political framework will continue to change; new financial models and new forms of care and supervision will be created for an increasingly discriminating clientele. Guidelines will be set largely by the European Union, but also by national legislatures. The structure of a modern, sustainable care policy is not yet clear, however. Nonetheless, care-givers and other service providers in the market need a reliable framework on which to base their commitments and investments for the future.

The European Care Conference is aimed at helping to provide the information and clarity that are needed. High-level politicians and experts will meet in Düsseldorf to discuss tomorrow's care market and initiate new partnerships. Anticipated speakers and participants in the conferences include high-ranking figures in business, government and research from over 30 countries (see the enclosed breakdown of the participants).

On these pages, we cordially invite you to find out all about the conferences and their unique profile.

Prof. Jürgen Gramke
Chairman of the Executive Board, Institute for European Affairs (INEA)

European Care Conference